Kindergarten Readiness


The Kindergarten Readiness Program (for 4 & 5 year olds) is specifically designed for children who will be entering kindergarten the following fall. Teachers are aware of the milestones children are striving to master before entering elementary school and are able to customize their curriculum and Learning Experience Plans accordingly. Your child will learn necessary life skills for a successful transition to kindergarten … how to share, take turns, follow directions, take responsibility for his or her actions, and safely participate in fire drills. Your preschooler will develop confidence in a classroom setting, be comfortable introducing oneself to new friends, raise a hand to ask a question, and enthusiastically contribute to group conversations.

The Here We Learn® school readiness curriculum is utilized in our Kindergarten Readiness Classrooms. Children are encouraged to create music, use a variety of art materials to represent their ideas, and assume elaborate roles in dramatic play. They will be able to recognize and name letters, produce rhyming words, recognize which words begin with the same sound, and distinguish syllables in words. Increasingly intricate conversations using complex words and basic grammar rules will begin to emerge.  Children will develop impulse control and the ability to describe emotions in themselves and others which are both important in kindergarten environments.

A Typical Kindergarten Readiness Day

Independently choosing materials from the art cart to create a project and acting out yesterday’s circle time story in dramatic play

Mandarin Oranges (that children peal themselves), Goldfish, 2% Milk

Circle time: greeting activity, weather, calendar, songs & stories. Experimenting with vinegar and baking soda in the sensory table, participating in a teacher led yoga activity with friends, using a balance to determine if different blocks are heavier, lighter, or weigh the same, attending an extracurricular JumpBunch class


Yogurt, Strawberries, and Water

Teaching peers how to play a board game, working in a small group with the teacher to create a simple graph showing how many siblings each child has, using paper, scissors, and glue to create a collage, playing basketball during outdoor playtime

Working with a friend to build a city in the block area, participating in a rhyming activity with the teacher, packing up to go home, and saying “See you tomorrow, my friends!”

Here We Learn®

Our Kindergarten Readiness Curriculum

The Here We Learn Kindergarten Readiness Curriculum focuses on four specific areas of development


Through expanding adult relationships your preschooler will show increased confidence in exploring new settings and will be able to manage most separations without distress. They will begin to understand that different people have different emotional reactions and respond appropriately to the feelings, needs, and rights of others. Your preschooler will begin to independently problem solve with peers using previously learned strategies such as sharing, taking turns, setting a timer, or walking away. These strategies will allow them to successfully navigate a kindergarten classroom!


Your child will be able to alternate direction while running and be able to stop easily without losing balance. They will also master the art of climbing on playground equipment, riding a tricycle, and playing catch with a peer. In terms of fine motor skills, your child will begin using a mature grasp with 3 fingers to hold a writing implement which will allow them to draw basic shapes and write their name.


Your preschooler will be able to count to 20, recognize written numerals up to 10, and begin using objects to model and solve basic addition and subtraction problems up through 5. They will also develop basic science skills such as defining a problem, engaging in investigations with peers, and gathering data by drawing or counting. Science experiments happen on a weekly basis in our kindergarten readiness classrooms! To help your child prepare to read they will learn to recognize and name letters, produce rhyming words, recognize which words begin with the same sound, and distinguish syllables in words.


Your preschooler will become even more engaged in Music and Movement by inventing their own music through humming, singing, or playing instruments, playing with familiar rhythms and patterns, and using multiple dance concepts to communicate their ideas and feelings. They will not only use a wider variety of materials to independently create art projects, but they will begin to describe and appreciate other artwork as well.

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