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As an important component of “The Building Blocks of Learning,” T&C has created a proprietary curriculum for each age group based on the highest early childhood education and childcare industry standards. The curriculum includes intentional learning experience plans that promote a child’s personal/social development, physical development, cognitive development, and creative expression.

Developmentally Appropriate Practice

The editors of Developmentally Appropriate Practice in Early Childhood Programs – Revised Edition relied on research regarding how children learn as well as beliefs about what practices are most supportive and respectful of children’s healthy development. The materials in the book help teachers make informed decisions about educating young children. Developmentally Appropriate Practice helps teachers to meet children where they are and to develop challenging yet achievable learning goals. It provides sketches of characteristics and widely held expectations for children’s development in four domains: gross motor development, fine motor development, language and communication development, and social and emotional development. Charts that give examples of contrasting appropriate and inappropriate practices are provided to encourage teachers to reflect on their own teaching strategies.

The Creative Curriculum

For young children, meaningful and long-lasting learning requires active thinking and experimenting to find out how things work. This is best accomplished through purposeful play facilitated by highly intentional teaching practices. The Creative Curriculum’s comprehensive approaches to curriculum are based on an understanding of the complex social/emotional, physical, and cognitive development of young children and the way children learn. A comprehensive curriculum provides guidance on the many factors that lead to a high-quality program and presents all aspects of teaching young children effectively. This thorough guidance contrasts with approaches that give teachers a rigid script to follow. The comprehensive, research-validated, integrated curricula provide everything programs need to achieve positive, consistent outcomes for children. They address teachers’ need to know what to teach and why to teach it, and how children learn best. This program helps teachers respond to the individual needs and learning styles of all of their children. Built from the ground up to be inclusive, the Creative Curriculum is widely used in special education and inclusive classrooms nationwide. The curriculum rests on a foundation of more than 75 years of scientific research about child development and learning theory that leads to specific instructional strategies based on how young children learn best. The Creative Curriculum takes what has been learned from theorists such as Erik Erikson, Jean Piaget, Lev Vygotsky, and Howard Gardner, as well as recent research studies about language, literacy, and math development and clearly and simply explains how to apply this information in a classroom. The curriculum model is practical, logical, and meaningful to teachers. The books translate theory into daily practice by presenting material with structure that makes sense..

Connecticut Early Learning and Development Standards (CTELDS)

All children benefit from rich learning environments in homes, communities, and early care and education settings.  Connecticut’s Early Learning and Development Standards provide the basis for supporting children’s growth and development across settings.  The CT ELDS are statements of what children from birth to age five should know and be able to do across the earliest years of development.

The learning progressions within the CT ELDS promote:

  • Equity for all children, through the setting of high, but appropriate, expectations
  • High-quality early learning experiences, by providing clear goals and trajectories of learning
  • Provision of individual support, based on each child’s growth and development
  • Families’ understanding of what their children are learning and how they can support them 
  • Communication across sectors, based upon these common goals for children

Learning Experience Plan


Each teacher plans and implements an age-appropriate Learning Experience Plan for the children in their classroom based on the individual Town & Country curriculum for their age program. Teachers also take into consideration each child’s individual development by reviewing their observation records. Teachers give careful thought to each child’s needs and take advantage of “teachable moments” when they occur.

Learning Experience Plans are theme based and outline upcoming activities such as circle time, songs, stories, art projects, science experiments, sensory exploration, music & movement, gross motor games, dramatic play opportunities and much more!

Learning activities focus on children’s cognition, social and emotional development, physical development and health, creative arts, language and literacy, mathematics, science, and social studies. Learning Experience Plans are reviewed and approved by the director and posted in each classroom on the Parent Info Board.

Simply put, children learn through play and Town & Country takes play very seriously! Your child will be given countless opportunities to engage in fun activities that challenge their creative spirit and result in achieving their personal best. Your child’s day will be full of wonder, exploration and discovery!

Observe & Record. Assess & SHare.


Town & Country teachers successfully implement the curriculum in their classroom by engaging in an ongoing cycle:

  • Observe – Observing the Child’s Progress & Development
  • Record – Recording Observations, Creating Classroom and Child Portfolios
  • Assess – Completing Developmental Assessments
  • Share – Conducting Parent/Teacher Conferences

Each Town & Country classroom is equipped with an iPad®. On their iPad®, classroom teachers use a web-based application to create individualized Child Portfolios for every student. These portfolios include observation notes, photos, and videos that are used to document your child’s progress on a variety of age-appropriate performance standards in  cognition, social and emotional development, physical development and health, creative arts, language and literacy, mathematics, science, and social studies. Teachers analyze the information contained in your child’s portfolio in order to complete their developmental assessments and will also share this information with you during parent/teacher conferences.


Each day, teachers observe the children, noting developmental progress in the following areas: cognition, social and emotional development, physical development and health, creative arts, language and literacy, mathematics, science, and social studies. Teachers present children with age-appropriate learning activities and interactions in order to assess their growth and development.


Teachers record their observations in your child’s individual portfolio. Throughout the year, teachers gather a collection of pictures and videos that illustrate your child’s developmental progress.  This digital evidence is then shared with you during your biannual parent/teacher conference so that you can visually witness all the growth and achievements your child has made.


Teachers complete Developmental Assessments for each child three times per year using data gathered and collected in the child’s portfolio. The classroom teacher will study your child’s individual portfolio, analyzing previously recorded observation notes and digital evidence in cognition, social and emotional development, physical development and health, creative arts, language and literacy, mathematics, science, and social studies in order to determine his or her developmental growth. The developmental assessment displays your child’s progress on a variety of age-appropriate performance standards. It also details your child’s interests and passions, strengths and growth, goals for home and school, and how we will challenge their days ahead.


Parent/Teacher Conferences occur two times per year, in November and May. During your conference, you will discuss your child’s developmental assessment in detail. The teacher will use work samples as well as photos and videos to display your child’s growth and achievements. This is also an excellent opportunity for you to share successes and concerns that you might have for your child at home. At the end of your conference, you will work with your child’s teacher to develop a list of goals for home and school and strategies for encouraging future growth and development.



Included in the comprehensive Town & Country Curriculum, are enrichment programs that we feel make us extraordinary. These “extras” set us apart from other childcare centers and make us the best possible choice for your child.

Our Nutrition Program Here We Thrive® and our Exercise Program Here We Move®, which includes Music & Movement, are both included in our comprehensive curriculum. Field trips to local educational venues and in-house cultural enrichment presentations occur throughout the year. We also offer enrichment classes (at an additional fee) such as soccer, JumpBunch, and martial arts
(enrichment programs may differ).


We get your child moving every day! Whether an infant is learning to reach, roll, crawl or walk or a preschooler is riding a tricycle, dancing or playing basketball, they will move! Exercise is built into our curriculum at every stage of growth and development.

The Town & Country Music & Movement enrichment program is an important part of our curriculum. Teachers lead their students in Music & Movement activities as part of their Learning Experience Plans. Bean bags, hula-hoops, silk parachutes, musical instruments and appropriate children’s music are used to engage students in exciting and energizing activities. Your child will learn basic dance moves, develop physical self-confidence, and feel comfortable participating in a group with friends.

The outdoor playgrounds provide space and equipment where your child will develop gross motor skills, strength, mobility and coordination. Teachers also plan specific gross motor activities, such as obstacle courses, that can be done indoors in inclement weather. You will hear voices singing, hands clapping and feet stomping every day at Town & Country. You will see the rosy cheeks, sparkling eyes and smiling faces of children who exercise every day!

Our classroom curricula include conversations and activities about health and exercise, because we understand that good health goes hand-in-hand with learning. Teachers create and develop Learning Experience Plans that educate children about exercise – where to exercise, fun ways to exercise, and why we need to exercise to keep our bodies healthy. Our goal is to encourage your child to enjoy regular exercise and to develop a lifetime of healthy activity.


We believe that children who are well nourished are happier, more energetic, enthusiastic, and ready to learn! A great deal of care and thought is placed into the healthy snacks we serve your child.

Town & Country serves a healthy morning and afternoon snack each day to all young toddlers, toddlers and preschool age children. Milk is served at lunchtime, regular or low-fat depending on the age of the child. Children’s lunches remain properly cooled until served and each classroom has its own microwave to warm food if necessary.

Town & Country collaborates with a Certified Nutritionist to develop and continually assess our snack menus. Our centers follow the State recommended guidelines for children’s nutrition. We serve a variety of healthy whole foods to your child. Fresh fruits and vegetables such as apples, pears, bananas, green and red peppers, and green beans are served on a regular basis. Whole grain crackers, cheese, and yogurt are also served.

Our classroom curricula include conversations and activities about health and nutrition, because we understand that good health goes hand-in-hand with learning. Teachers create and develop Learning Experience Plans that educate children about food – where it comes from, how it grows, how it tastes, and why it is important to us. Our goal is to develop your child’s palate for healthy food choices in order to establish a lifetime of healthy eating habits.


In addition to our comprehensive curriculum, Town & Country also offers coordinating enrichment classes. These classes may change throughout the year as we discover new talent and opportunities. There are additional fees for these programs. Please see the director for more information.

Town & Country Middletown hosts the Goran Vasic Soccer Academy. Coach Goran Vasic has more than 20 years of experience as a professional soccer player, as well as 10 years as a youth soccer coach. Your child will learn the basics of soccer playing such as how to dribble, shoot, joggle and pass. The program is professionally designed to develop gross motor skills, co-ordination, strength, and balance It is a non-competitive environment that promotes self-confidence and a love of exercise in children. Classes occur once a week for 45 minutes and are held outside or in our adventure room depending on the weather.


JumpBunch offers a friendly introduction into sports and fitness.  Each week a top notch children’s coach brings age-appropriate equipment for each enrolled child and introduces them to a new physical activity.  Classes are held for children ages 18 months to 12 years and coaches gear their instruction to the developmental level of the children they are working with. JumpBunch classes focus on all phases of physical growth including fine/gross motor skills, hand/eye coordination, body balance, agility, and muscle development. With more than 70 different physical activities, JumpBunch offers unparalleled variety and flexibility to keep kids moving!  Classes occur once a week for 30 minutes.

NITSUJ Martial Arts

The mission of NITSUJ Martial Arts is to teach children self-discipline, self-confidence, and respect in a safe manner while having fun.  Each new enrollment into the program receives a T-shirt and belt. Instructors emphasize age-appropriate, safe movements and navigate through all ability levels to find a comfort level that will set each child at ease. Their classes focus on providing children with the skills to deal with peer pressure and bullying in a mindful, empowering, and safe manner. Twice a year, family members are invited in to observe a demonstration of the skills their children are learning in their martial arts classes and children receive a trophy for their achievements.  The 30 minute martial arts classes are held once a week for children ages three and older.

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