Our Learning Centers
Our Mission

What We Stand For

The mission of Town & Country Early Learning Centers is to provide a nurturing, educational, and secure environment for young children.

Our centers provide child-centered communities where children participate in learning experiences to develop the whole child with dedicated and certified teachers who make the difference.

Students participate in intentional learning experiences designed to develop the whole child; physically, emotionally, socially, and cognitively. 

Town & Country provides child-centered communities where dedicated and certified teachers make a difference every day. We understand how paramount quality care and education is to the positive growth and development of each child. Children who have a high quality early childhood education experience enter kindergarten ready to learn and develop a lifelong thirst for knowledge.

When your child attends Town & Country Early Learning Centers, their well-being, education and happiness are our priority each day!



Our Classrooms

Town & Country classrooms are specifically designed and equipped for the age program that utilizes them. There is comfortable carpeting under the learning centers, not cold tile. Classrooms contain home-like curtains, solid maple furniture with safe rounded edges, and child-height sinks. Our toddler and preschool classrooms each contain a child accessible toilet for potty training. Parent Info Bulletin Boards in each classroom post Learning Experience Plans, Daily Schedules, Snack Menus, and important notices. There are refrigerators and microwaves in each classroom. Art supplies include a diverse assortmant of paper, paint, crayons, glue, scissors, collage materials, and clay. Finally, our classrooms contain educational materials (toys!) … a seemingly endless variety that changes throughout the year!

The number and complexity of child-focused classroom learning centers increase to coincide with each stage of a child’s development. Just the right amount of choices for a one year old and just the right amount of choices for a preschooler!

Infant Classrooms

Infant classrooms contain individual infant lockers, sturdy and safe cribs, a clean and comfortable diaper changing station, carpeted and padded floor play areas that encourage gross motor development, mirrors that promote a positive sense of self, a variety of toys and books stored within the infants’ reach, and family photos to create a home-school connection. Each of our centers also has a safe baby buggy with seat belts, so the infants can enjoy the great outdoors! 

Young Toddler Classrooms

In our young toddler classroom you will find individual lockers, comfortable, low to the ground cots, clean and comfortable diaper changing stations, child height sinks for hand-washing, safe and sturdy wooden chairs, appropriately sized climbers, a book rack with plenty of picture books, a variety of toys that challenge fine motor skills, art supplies for creative expression, a sensory table for exploring a variety of materials, and family photos displayed at a child’s eye level!

Toddler Classrooms

Toddler classrooms are equipped with toddler sized cubbies, small and comfortable cots, clean and comfortable diaper changing stations, child accessible toilets, child height sinks for independent hand-washing, and toddler tables. Learning centers in our toddler classrooms include: block and floor toy areas, cozy reading areas with plenty of books for two year olds, table-toy shelves with self-help manipulatives, easels and a variety of art materials, sensory tables for water play and other messy projects, dramatic play areas with kitchen sets and dress-up clothes, equipment for music & movement, and more!

Preschool & Kindergarten Readiness Classrooms

Preschool and Kindergarten Readiness classrooms have individual cubbies and cots, child accessible toilets, child height sinks for independent hand-washing, and sturdy appropriately sized tables and chairs. Learning centers found in these classrooms include: block and floor toy areas, quiet reading areas with preschool books child sized couches, private cozy areas where children can go to be alone and calm their bodies, writing centers with paper, pencils, and commonly used words, listening stations for audio books, table-toy shelves with self-help manipulatives for beginning math concepts, self-help art carts with a variety of materials, art easels, sensory tables for science experiments, dramatic play areas with kitchen sets and dress-up cloths to mimic family life, equipment for music & movement, and more!

Our Teachers

Educating and caring for your children with confidence

You will find dedicated, thoughtful, caring, creative teachers at Town & Country Early Learning Centers. We understand that your family’s experience at our center will be based on the quality of care and education each teacher has to offer. Our dedicated and certified teachers make a difference in the lives of the children they care for every day.

Our team of teachers is carefully chosen based on their education levels, age-appropriate experience and character. Town & Country teachers must have a minimum of a Child Development Associate (CDA) certificate or an Early Childhood Education (ECE) college degree and preschool teachers are educated specifically in Early Childhood Education with a minimum of 12 ECE college credits. All teachers are Pediatric First Aid and CPR certified, trained to administer medication (including epi-pens), and complete a minimum of 20 hours of professional development training annually. Upon hire, teachers complete the Town & Country Orientation and Training Program which comprehensively covers our mission statement, goals, objectives, health, safety, supervision, curriculum, communication and so much more. The center director creates and implements a Professional Development Plan for each teacher. Appropriate courses, trainings and in-services are continually researched and made available to our team of teachers.

Read more about out Teacher Professional Development Requirements

Pediatric First Aid/CPR

NAEYC Health Standards and Supervision of Children

NAEYC Ethical Code of Conduct

NAEYC Portfolio Development

DCF Mandated Reporter Training

Intro to ECERS

Supervision Training

Bingham Pro-Social Development Training

The Bingham Curriculum

Creating a Peaceful Early Learning Environment Working with Children & Families: Supporting Children with Special Needs
Training Wheels – The Cycle of Intentional Teaching using CT’s PAF

Behavior Case Consultation: Learning and Leading Supervision, Mentoring & Leadership in ECE

Preschool Creative Curriculum Approach to Literacy

Using the Preschool Assessment Framework

Captain Five-A-Day Nutrition

Open Wide: Dental Presentation for Childcare Professionals

Second Steps Lessons

Finance in Programs for Young Children – Center Director

Administration and Supervision of the Early Childhood Program – Center Director

(Professional development requirements may vary by center location)


Your Child Will be Safe & Sound

The Town & Country Safe and Sound System is a comprehensive, state of the art security system that gives families a high level of comfort. Your child's safety is our number one priority at all times including morning drop-offs, classroom environments, playground equipment, air quality, cleanliness, health, medication administration, afternoon pick-ups, and every nuance associated with our centers.

A fingerprint scanner is used to verify the identity of parents, family members, or other authorized individuals when checking children in and out. Our main entrance is locked at all times and the fingerprint scanner is also used by family members and staff to gain entrance to the building.

The director’s office has a custom designed, Center-Wide Camera System with 32 cameras that continuously monitor each classroom, all common areas, playgrounds, entrances, exits, and parking lots. The system is also linked to the Assistant Director’s computer and the Business Office. Approximately 30 days of video is stored which can be reviewed should the need arise.

We utilize the Procare Solutions childcare management system which allows administrators to verify your child’s schedule, classroom, and billing. It also allows the T&C Nurse to track your child’s health records such as well-visits, immunizations, medications and allergies.

Playgrounds and outdoor equipment are inspected on a regular basis by an outside company specializing in school playground safety inspections. Playgrounds have secure fencing with child-safe gates.

Town & Country continually researches the best security systems for the childcare industry and makes updates as they become available. Security at Town & Country is our number one priority!



What Parents are Saying

“…I cannot stress enough how valuable this teaching team has been to my child’s overall development. They have demonstrated an above average level of caring and compassion to the children in their classroom.” – M & J

” I can’t believe our time at Town & Country is coming to an end! It seems like just yesterday I was dropping off our newborn for the first time. Through it all, you and your excellent staff provided top-notch care and early education. We’ll come back and visit! Many, many thanks!” – R & D

” We appreciate so much that every day over the last five and a half years, we could go to work without a single worry that our children are in a safe and healthy environment and you would do anything to ensure this is not compromised. It really means a lot as a parent to know your children are safe and loved in your absence. Thank you for providing that peace of mind every day.”– N & F

“Thank you so much for all of your support, care, and love of ‘J’ these past few years. You have a wonderful place here – it was apparent the moment I stepped in the door. You truly have cultivated a very special place. Thank you for the strong foundation of learning, kindness, and discovery!” – S & A

“I cannot express how grateful we are for all that you have done for ‘S’, ‘A’, and our whole family over these past years. Staff members like Miss S., Miss D., Miss C., and Miss M. have helped our boys not only grow, but flourish. You have become family to all of us. Our family and children will always hold a special place in our hearts for Town & Country. Thank you, thank you, thank you.” – S & A

” ‘E’ first arrived at Town & Country fast asleep in a frog outfit. Thank you for feeding, cleaning, cajoling, teaching, and chasing after him for his first 5 years. He is such a fun, energetic, and talkative child because of all of your hard work. All our best.” – L & B

Our Locations


Location: 195 South Main Street Middletown, CT 06457
Telephone: 860.347.1400
Fax: 860.347.1406
Contact the Middletown Center by email
School Hours: Monday – Friday 6:30a to 6:00p


Location: 1137 West Street Southington, CT 06489
Telephone: 860.628.7900
Fax: 860.628.3656
Contact the Southington Center by email
School Hours: Monday – Friday 6:30a to 6:00p