Our Middletown location has been selected to participate in the CT DOTS pilot program!  CT DOTS stands for the Connecticut Documentation and Observation for Teaching System.  It is a new assessment tool that teachers will be using in conjunction with the Connecticut Early Learning and Development Standards (CT ELDS).  The CT ELDS are statements of what children from birth to age five should know and be able to do across the earliest years of development.  Our center has been using the CT ELDS as a planning tool for the past few years and are excited to work with the assessment piece of the system.  We currently have one young toddler, one older toddler, and two preschool classrooms involved in the pilot.  During the pilot project, teachers in these classrooms will gather and summarize evidence of children’s learning and development using the CT DOTS tool.  The information they gather will determine if the materials and directions are easy to understand and determine if the information gathered is a useful way to monitor children’s progress on the skills, abilities, and behaviors in the CT ELDS.  Only a limited number of centers across the state were selected to participate in this program.  We are excited to be one of the first programs to utilize the CT DOTS and look forward to having our opinions positively impact the future development of this tool which will eventually be used to assess young children across the State.