Early Learning Center and Childcare

Our Town and Country Southington location is a newer established site with a focus on your child’s safety as our top priority. Our Southington Early Learning Center ensures a suitable environment for all children to thrive and develop skills for early learning growth. It is located in an area near friendly neighborhoods and small local businesses, ensuring the well being of your child. Our facility is fenced in with an enclosed playground area for your child to enjoy themselves outside. Our enclosed play area and state of the art security system allows us to know the whereabouts of your child at all times. Parents feel confident when dropping their children off, as they will be able to to grow their skills and knowledge in a safe environment.

Town and Country’s Southington location is fit for a diverse range of children. Our early learning education programs are run by teachers who will implement a learning experience plan based on an age appropriate curriculum catered to your children’s needs.  Our classrooms are specifically designed and equipped with all necessary furnishings to facilitate early childhood education. Town and Country Early Learning Center is specifically designed to provide a stimulating environment for your child to be challenged at their individualized readiness.

Contact us by phone or email for more information about our Town and Country Early Learning Center Southington location. Follow us on Facebook to know about how we can benefit your child and find frequent updates regarding upcoming events.