As a parent, you will feel confident choosing Town & Country for your child’s infant care and education. Our philosophy is to have nurturing, fully present teachers who respond to your child’s needs on demand. Teachers provide a relaxed, happy environment with music, age-appropriate toys and plenty of one-on-one time with each infant. When children are responded to in an attentive and caring manner, they gain a greater sense of self-worth.

When you enroll your child in the Infant Program, we suggest making two visits the week prior to your child’s first day. Visiting your child’s classroom and spending time with your child’s teachers will give you and your child a sense of familiarity and comfort.

Town & Country has a registered nurse consultant who manages general health and immunization records for every child. The nurse consultant regularly visits the infant classrooms to assure that our high standards of health and safety are being met and is also available to answer parent questions.

Here We Grow® is our exclusive infant curriculum which gently challenges infants to promote their personal/social, physical, and cognitive development.

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The Here We Grow Infant Curriculum focuses on three specific areas of development:

Your infant will giggle, smile and laugh, responding to positive social interactions while developing a sense of self-worth. Familiar, consistent teachers have special, loving interactions with your child throughout the day, from bottle feedings and diaper changes, to cuddling and playing.

Infants have ‘belly time’ each day and are encouraged to reach for and grasp toys, roll over, crawl and take first steps when ready! Each infant classroom has a special play area with extra padding on the floor and soft age-appropriate climbing furniture.

Each day offers a new opportunity for your infant to exercise his or her mind! Your child will listen to music, hear interesting stories, relate names to objects and use interactive toys. In the process, your infant will form trusting, positive relationships with their teacher.


Town & Country Early Learning Centers are proud to offer NAEYC-accredited programs. Learn more…