Observe Record


Town & Country teachers are able to successfully implement the curriculum in their classroom by engaging in an ongoing cycle:

Observe – Observing the Child’s Progress & Development

Record – Recording Observations, Creating Classroom and Child Portfolios

Assess – Completing Developmental Assessments

Share – Conducting Parent/Teacher Conferences

Each Town & Country classroom is equipped with an ipad®. On their ipad, classroom teachers use SchoolChapters®, a web-based application, to create individualized Child Portfolios for every student. These portfolios include observation notes, photos, and videos that are used to document your child’s progress on a variety of age-appropriate performance standards in personal/social, physical, and cognitive development, as well as creative expression. Teachers analyze the information contained in your child’s portfolio in order to complete their developmental assessments and will also share this information with you during parent/teacher conferences.


Each day, teachers observe the children, noting developmental progress in the following areas: personal & social interactions, physical movements, cognitive processing and creative expression. Teachers present comfortable challenges to children through activities and interactions in order to assess their growth and development.


Teachers record these observations in your child’s individual portfolio. Throughout the year, teachers gather a collection of your child’s artwork and writing samples which further illustrates their developmental progress. At the end of year Parent/Teacher Conference, your child’s artwork and writing is presented to you as a reminder of all the wonderful memories made and goals achieved during the year.

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